Services Tailored to Your Needs

On–Site or At–Home, no matter where you are, we are here to help you get the most out of our product. Our full hardware and software support staff are only a phone call away.

Reliable Service, Readily Available

  • CMS ROC — Reports on CD File Storage
  • Patriot Act Enabled
  • Voice Response Unit Set-up
  • On-site Software Training
  • Electronic Data Conversion
  • Forms and Computer Supplies
  • Magnetic Media Preparation
  • Guaranteed Compliance
  • Government Forms
  • Website Development
  • On-site Hardware Maintenance
  • Disaster Recovery Assistance
  • Member Statement Processing

Complete Database Conversion

  • We prepare your equipment.
  • We assess your operational assets and your offices.
  • Pre-training upon request.
  • We install all the software and configure the network.
  • Upon agreement, you are scheduled for conversion.
  • We prepare installation and perform a test conversion.
  • We perform the final conversion.
  • Receive full training from our specialized support staff.

Advanced Hardware to Power the Workload

The CompuShare 5.0 System takes advantage of all the innovative technological features that have advanced the PC to become the leading core processing environment.

  • Reliable Backup Systems

    Never worry about losing your data. We complete backups routinely and reliably.

  • High Capacity Networks and Servers

    Our networks and servers are built to hold, able to store all the information you may need.

  • Secure and Automated Check Signer

    Simple and secure, we make check signing a breeze.

  • Branch Office Support

    No matter which location, our services are available to you.