CompuShare 5.0

Our latest core processing software release—CompuShare 5.0—has expanded the functionality of Over the Counter, revamped the Joint Membership capability, enhanced Statement Processing, and added Merchandise Inventory. Our product is constantly expanding and enhancing to meet the needs of today's Credit Unions.

The CompuShare Credit Union Software System is specifically designed to meet all the challenges of today's service and operational requirements. CompuShare is a modular and flexible system that empowers you to make quick and effective business decisions which will result in greater margins, increased staff productivity, and greater member satisfaction.

Our latest software release has expanded the functionality of Over-the-Counter, revamped the Joint Membership capability, enhanced Statement Processing, and added Merchandise Inventory.


Compushare is a powerful in-house Credit Union Core Processing and Information System specifically designed for growth-oriented Credit Unions.


CompuShare is a Windows-based software package that has all the functionality of Windows, providing you with the Core Processing that will suit your needs.


CompuShare is modular and fully integrated, allowing your Credit Union to tailor its investment. Features include a user-friendly interface, context sensitive help and hot-key program access.

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Fully Packed Software to Meet Your Demands, CompuShare 5.0 Provides...

5300 Integration - CompuShare 5.0 offers a special integration program that takes your quarterly calculations and makes them available for importing right into the NCUA website.

ACH/Share Draft - Whether adding to your present program, or offering a new service, the ACH/Share Draft Module will deliver the finest demand deposit service to your membership.

ATM/Debit Card - The ATM/Debit Card modules is a real time system that operates between the CompuShare Application and your ATM/Debit Card provider.

Cash Dispenser - The cash dispenser is treated as a typical cash drawer in the CompuShare System. Utilizing your existing drawer metaphor will expedite all daily functions from replenishment to end of day balancing.

Collections - The Loan Collections Module provides enhanced support for tracking of collection accounts.

Courtesy Pay - With Courtesy Pay, your credit union automatically extends a non-contractual courtesy line to your member's draft or checking account.

Credit Bureau - The Credit Bureau module enables your Credit Union to make solid decisions based on the customer's Credit Report.

Data Query/Report Writer - This Module enables Credit Unions to go beyond the array of informative reports provided with the CompuShare System.

E-mail Notifications - E-mail Notifications enables your members to optionally receive notices and receipts generated by your CompuShare System via e-mail.

General Ledger - The CompuShare General Ledger was specifically designed to meet the informational demands of today's Credit Union managers.

Home Banking - The CompuShare Home Banking modules allows you to provide real time account access to your members from the convenience of their home computers.

Investments/Fixed Assets - The CompuShare Subsidiary Ledger Module provides enhanced support for Investment and Fixed Asset Accounting.

Loan Processing - The Loan Processing Module is a time saving tool that streamlines loan creation by automating many aspects of processing new loans.

Receipt Signature Capture - The Receipt Signature Capture Module gives the user the ability to save signatures electronically, cut down on paperwork, and verify member information instantly.

Shared Branching - Shared Branching is a network of Credit Unions acting cooperatively to bring you more locations, more conveniently. Shared Branching is designed to make access to your Credit Union more convenient.

Text Banking - Now with CompuShare Text Banking, you can reach out to your on the go members with real-time account information and alerts.

Easy-to-Use Features that Work for You:

  • Efficient Teller Services
  • PC Based for Flexibility and Speed
  • Automated Processing
  • Frequent Software Enhancements
  • Member Central Information
  • Local and Wide Area Networking
  • Guaranteed Compliance
  • Complete System Integration
  • Integration with Microsoft Office